Welcome to my corner of the internet

Hello everyone, I’m EK. During 2018 I felt that so much negativity was in the air, that I wanted to try and change that in my day to day. I decided to create this small website to share with you all kinds of things. My art or writings, stories about myself, and general thoughts. My hope is that everyone will find some enjoyment in these works.

I will also be sharing a lot about myself, and for those who know me in person, perhaps you’ll get to know me better as a person. Facebook and other social media sites don’t really let you be who you are in real life, heck, the internet as a whole doesn’t allow for it. Its easy to be a fake. But here is a place I can be me, because it is my creation.

I hope that you all will enjoy what you find here. For the time being, there is my general blog, and themed posts. I am working on many other tabs that will slowly appear in the future. I don’t want to activate them until I’m ready to keep up with them.

For now the schedule is pretty simple, I’ll try and keep my blog updated every couple days as to happenings and thoughts. My themed posts are posted every day, and include some personal things about me, feel free to view them at your leisure.

Enjoy everyone.