Welcome to EK Creates!

Right now the website is going through some pretty hefty changes. Please have patience while it all comes together. Navigation-wise, you can find many sections below. However, the main menu up top currently will probably be your best bet for locating the content that’s most up to date. Please feel free to browse the site!

RCP Bedtime Stories

Starting as a joke between coworkers, these small stories will make you wonder what the workplace is really all about.


What would you do if you were told you had to leave notes to someone regarding inventory? Of course you would take a little time on your lunch break to come up with some wild adventure to brighten up their day. These versions will be more fleshed out than what I give WonderBoy, so be … Continue reading InvenStories


Day to day happenings in my life.

Monthly Theme Posts

Themed posts come out once a day (Usually) and vary depending on the month!


Working from the ground up. How I went from a grunt to the top. All the hard decisions and challenges I faced back then, and the new ones I face today.


Content for youtube will slowly find its way to this location! Stay tuned