Let me tell you a tale

So lately I’ve been working on my writings and going back to visit my books and short stories that I have written. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get them fleshed out more in the coming months. I want to really sit down and get the groundwork done for them so I can focus the stories to share with some willing readers. I primarily write sci-fi style things, but I am not against writing in other genres if the story catches me right.

One of my good friends messaged me yesterday saying he was having a creative itch. This was not something I felt was new, when it came to him he was generally a fairly creative guy. He helped me come up with the primary tale of Chaos Chronicles. However I took it out of a horror realm and into a thriller/sci-fi style that works better for my writing. He has always been the type to prefer the horror.

He sent me some of his stuff, and if we disregard the fact that it was very, very early stages of being anything, it suited him. It could really become something if he focuses it. I think he may want to make a massive expanded universe of the story too quickly. Meanwhile I want to just hear the main story first, then build from there. Don’t get too caught up in the final destination that you ignore the journey.

But some people like to overwhelm themselves. However in his case I think that’s too much for him to try and sort through, sorry bud. He sent me a small work that was unfinished that took place in the universe he wanted to create. Again, its pretty rudimentary, but I got to the abrupt end and just thought to myself, “What the heck happens next?” That’s a good sign though right? It genuinely caught my interest and I wanted to see where the story was headed. I hope he continues it. Maybe I can help him keep on the ball, and maybe we can push each other creatively, like the old days.

Another one of my friends had mentioned in passing he occasionally wrote for fun. Ironically he too said horror genre. I asked him if I could read some of it, and he said it would be possible. I look forward to it. Helping to instill some level of creativity among friends is pretty fulfilling. I hope more people can come out of their shells with their stories.

I’m a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell. Whether it stems from a dream, nightmare, memory, or a random event. We all have some story worth telling. Everyone’s a storyteller. When children ask for a bedtime story and we have no book, what do they say? Make one up. No, not all of them will be great. But as long as someone enjoyed them, or even you enjoy them, they’re worth telling. I like reading those stories, long or short.

I think to take a break from the sci-fi style I’m so used to, that I may try my hand at a small horror tale. Maybe around 30 pages, a mini story. I would probably just release it here if people were interested. I’m not sure what I would write about. I would probably do something that has to do with my own fears, or what terrifies me. I guess maybe I’ll find out!

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