January [Games] 14

I know this next game is probably going to be one that most people have never even heard of. That’s fine, it was kind of a niche game that you would mostly just find in an arcade. Again, I don’t know how I came to have it, but it tested me, and I loved it.

You’ll have to believe me when I say there aren’t a lot of pictures of exactly what I’m looking for. The game started in as an arcade game, and then slowly ported over to other games as time went by. I do believe there may even be version of it that are somewhat modern day, but I didn’t keep up with it after a few sequels.

I played this game a lot with my dads computer. I used a joystick that I actually may still have hidden in a closet as a memento of the good ol’ days. To me the game wasn’t exactly hard, but I didn’t really understand what I was doing either. To me, it was 2 robots going head to head for supremacy. I wanted to be the victor. It wasn’t always easy though, I was pretty good with all the characters, but the game was limited in scope. I would imagine I was on a secret mission to save someone piloting one of those Virtualoids.

I beat it over and over, but never really tired of it. I kept wanting to get better. The sequels that came out weren’t bad. I played Virtual On – Mars and it was a lot of fun. But I felt they focused too much on the main Virtualoid (Pictured in the center above) and gave him tons of variants and made the others weaker, in hopes that you would choose him over the others. I didn’t like that because my favorite only had 2 versions while he had 12+. Many years later during the Xbox 360 days the game kind of came back in an arcade game. I think I purchased it but it wasn’t played quite the same. So I never followed through. Maybe one day I’ll give it another go.

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