Oh man, I have been so sleep deprived lately. Luckily I feel like I’m back on track. Between work and trying to get stuff done at home, I’ve been running on empty. Worst part is, I haven’t hardly gotten anything done at home. I keep making a list of things to do when I get off work then coming home to no motivation.

It’s not all entirely my fault though, because I’ve found work to be a little extra frustrating lately. I work very hard at my job, even while others mess around. I believe in working hard even if you’re not happy with what you’re doing. Back when I was a teen making by at McDonalds, I always gave my best efforts. I would try my best to always give the best quality work I could. My sandwiches were never messy, and well wrapped. When I was in the window I always had a smile and was courteous to everyone.

That attitude stuck with me with everything. Meanwhile I find the norm is just to get by because work sucks. “Why am I not a millionaire? I work 10 hours a week and do a lousy job at it, what the heck.” It gets old. People think so selfishly. I won’t say I don’t have days where my patience is thin, and I give 80% instead of 100%.

It’s similar to my story about the fridge. If you’re not proactive you may not be satisfied with the results in life. Educate yourself, and do your best and things may turn out different sometimes. Last night when I was going up to my room to sleep and as I walk passed the fridge, I heard it drop ice. It’s a constant satisfaction that I know I only have because of my efforts. No, its not a raise at my job, its not something more useful exactly, but I know its only doing it because I did my best.

That being said, I am disgusted by people that do the bare minimum and stay within reach of me. I guess its one of the few times I feel prideful. I worked hard for my things, and take pride in what I have. When people continue to do the bare minimum though, I get pretty upset. Its such a lousy mindset that can get under my skin so quickly. Come on people!

I’d love to write more, but I will save that for a different entry. I’m trying to keep myself motivated to clean while I can. My poor house needs some major cleaning. Husky has been blowing her coat nonstop.


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