February [Stories] 04

In another themed post I wrote about Pokémon being one of my favorite games. Although I was a little late to the Gameboy, I was definitely proud when I got one.

I was always very good with money growing up. I had an allowance, I saved it almost always, unless I was going to buy a pack of Pokémon cards. I can’t say I remember exactly how it happened, but one day I mentioned to my parents I wanted a Pokémon game. We ended up striking a deal that if I bought the Gameboy, they would buy me the game.

Maybe it was a lesson they were trying to teach me about taking care of things, or wanted me to feel a sense of accomplishment for buying something. Maybe they wanted me to dump my whole allowance savings into it to start over. My dad doesn’t even remember making this deal with me, so I can’t even ask him. But I went to Walmart one day and checked the price on the Gameboy pocket. I think they were about $70-$80 back then, but it was so long ago I’m not completely certain. I went home and checked my lockbox and I had enough money.

I waited eagerly for the next Walmart trip. I remember walking into Walmart that day with my dad, and walking straight to the electronics area. I picked a blue Gameboy pocket. I was so excited. I picked my pokemon blue version and we walked to the cash register. We bought both and walked out of the store. I remember holding both boxes in my hands with such excitement. I had made my first big purchase. I couldn’t wait to get home and play it.

I couldn’t find my blue version on my shelf, but I loved silver even more

I of course took care of my things as much as I was good with money. That Gameboy is old enough to vote. I’m still very proud of the deal my dad made with me even if he doesn’t remember the details. More children need to feel that kind of accomplishment and be proud of it, it really changes you.

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