The one behind the mask

So I have been wondering what makes a persons identity. When I think about it I feel I know what makes me who I am. But then I think about it from another angle and I wonder which one is correct. We all have a good idea who we are when you sit there and think about it. Too often do people ask, “Who knows the real you?” The answer, at least in my case, is very simple. No one, and at the same time everyone. I specifically tailor myself to who I am around. I don’t call this being fake, but just being considerate. Plus, everyone is so different, being one person all the time is practically unheard of. Everyone has the image of themselves they put on every morning, and then the image they go to after the day is over. Its like a change of clothes. You can like a bunch of outfits, but that doesn’t mean the articles of clothing are going to look good together. Sometimes mixing and matching just doesn’t work well. But you can accessorize things, add accent pieces to your outfit that don’t completely go with the outfit, but make it different none the less. Some outfits you find go with multiple situations, and are your more go to ones. And its easy to accessorize off those outfits.

I hope that made sense as it did in my head. Or at least that you were able to grasp the concept I was trying to get across. We naturally do this all the time, change up who we are dependant on who we are around. Sometimes we do it so much that we forget what the real you looks like. Even when you strip off the makeup and clothes what is left there isn’t necessarily any closer that real you. So who is the real you? I’m sure if you ask yourself that its like when someone asks your birthday, that momentary hessitation and having to ask yourself the same question like a double-take. Which one of those masks was the real one. Have you even worn it lately?

Personally, I don’t have a lot of trouble admitting no one has seen my true self. I wear my masks because what lies underneath it is not for others to see. Sometimes I wish I could forge a mask that would allow me to be myself around those around me. But I feel it would just cause trouble. I am very blunt, mean even, and have a general distaste for most of people. Generally because I am not a fan of laziness, or weakness in people. Not that I can’t be those things myself at times. But people should always be striving to raise the bar. The people who like to do the opposite bother me. How little can they do and still keep themselves in the same position? Thats their game, and it bothers me. But its their life to live, they’re welcome to do whatever they want. I always treat everyone with the same respect when I meet them, but over time I will either raise or lower it as I learn more about them. “You shouldn’t judge people.” they say. No, you should. You don’t have to be mean about it, it doesn’t even have to be a big deal. You don’t have to tell anyone your opinions or gossip to others. But everyone judges, its just a matter of how you use that judgement that matters. I can not be a big fan of someone but still treat them with basic respect and not be an ass. If their moral compass and general attitude is good, generally I won’t have trouble with them. I may not always like people, I don’t need to go looking for reasons to dislike people.

Also, who says we get to pick our masks? Sometimes people get an opinion of you, and that opinion spreads to others. Before you know it people think they have a general idea of who you are. “Oh I heard you are a good person to ask advice.” or “I hear he’s a real jerk, don’t go near him.” kinda thing. These opinions also change constantly based off not just you, but other people. They make the perception that they know you, and as their opinions in life change it slightly molds their image of you at the same time. It’s like a life game of telephone. No one ever stays the same way very often. We’re constantly evolving as people. In a day you can experience something that changes who you are because of how it impacted you. We incorporate things we see in positive and negative ways without thinking about it. Who you were a year ago is probably not who you are now, even if the change is slight.

I don’t want to ramble any more than I already have so I guess I’m going to end this topic for now. I guess the point I was hoping to get out there was that wearing a mask is not something to be ashamed of or let that people should look down on you for it. The mask isn’t necessarily for your protection, but for others.

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