February [Stories] 09

Although it’s not near Halloween time, how about an eerie story. This one is completely true, and had left me perplexed ever since it happened.

My house is perched along the woods, which really allowed me to grow up in the woods. Acres and acres of woods. When I was around 13 I asked my parents if my friends and I could camp out in the woods. They agreed, it wasn’t like we couldn’t walk home in 10-15 minutes if we wanted. So we packed up some wood, food, and few other things.

Off into the woods we went, though ‘deadwood’ as we called it. Mainly because the forest was very old, and there were lots of dead trees laying along the path. It was once a strip-mining area, before they had to fix the land after they messed with it. So lots of valleys and paths were around.

We went to our campsite area, which was a large circle of gravel dirt, I assume trucks used to use it as a turn around. We set up camp and night was slowly upon us. There were 5 of us in total I believe. Drew, Mike, Daniel, Cory, and myself.

We were sitting there all chatting, Mike had a radio that he was playing a little music on while we were laughing and having a good time. Suddenly, I thought I could faintly hear something in the background. Distorted, strange sounds. I looked up at my friends and found they had weird looks on their faces. I told Mike to turn off the radio, and it became far clearer that there was definitely something in the air. It sounded so strange, like music, but the words were just distorted enough you couldn’t make it out.

We all stood up and devised to check it out. Where we were, there shouldn’t have been any way to hear music from anywhere. There was a path that lead to the ‘plateau’ not far from us. It was the appropriate direction to see if maybe someone else was in the woods. The music continued to distort until for whatever reason it started to give off the vibe of ice-cream truck music. We continued to confirm with one another that what was happening was not just one of us using the power of suggestion to influence the others. We all indeed were hearing something strange in the woods.

We got in a single-file line and started down the path towards where we assumed we would find the source. One by one we stepped onto the path. The moment we were all on the path, something changed, the music’s volume and intensity changed 10 fold. Immediately it felt like we were surrounded by it, and it was very disorientating. We all stumbled back and got off the path as fast as we could. Once I stepped off the path the music immediately became faint again.

It was the strangest thing we had ever witnessed. Everyone felt the music get right in your face. We tried again after a few moments to get back on the path and although the volume changed, it wasn’t as bad, and we walked towards the source slowly. But as we got closer to where we thought it was, the music got quieter and quieter. Before we knew it, it was gone. We stood in a large clearing, not a sound. No sign of other people, just black emptiness and no sound other than the night.

We never figured out what happened that day, but it has not occurred again since. But I hope to experience such an event again one day, it really gets your blood pumping.

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