February [Stories] 11

Kind of going off my last story of learning to ride a unicycle, I decided I wanted to write about a somewhat funny story in my mind. I remember riding my bike around the neighborhood as a kid quite fondly. I have mentioned that my old house was in an area that was developing, so there were kids everywhere.

But where as most of those kids were a little older than me, they also were able to ride their bikes without training wheels. As you can guess I wasn’t a fan of being told I couldn’t ride without my training wheels yet since I was too young, or not able to do it.

Now I was pretty sure that I could master this whole, riding my bike without the training wheels deal. One day I had enough. I told my dad quite firmly, that when I got home from wherever I was going (I don’t remember that part) that I wanted those training wheels off my bike. I wanted to ride on my own.

When I got home, sure enough, the bike was leaning against the garage door minus the training wheels. I was so excited, and ready to tackle this two wheeled monster all on my own. My parents were there, I’m assuming to watch me struggle, maybe even ask for help.

We’ve all seen the videos of kids learning to ride bikes. The parent runs along side the bike as the kid pedals, slowly they let go and shout, “YOU’RE DOING IT!” etc. This isn’t one of those stories. I hopped on my bike with such enthusiasm, told my dad thank you, and off I went. Now I will say I don’t 100% remember this next part, but sources (my parents) tell me I had zero trouble riding without training wheels.

I remembered thinking I didn’t understand why everyone was so concerned, it was pretty easy for me. Maybe I just had good balance. I loved the freedom that came from no training wheels. In all actuality they are unrealistic to how you ride a bike. They keep you upright but leaning is part of riding a bike.

Thinking back on it all, I was probably being pretty bossy when I demanded that bike have no training wheels when I get home. But I’m glad my dad took them off for me. Its a great memory and story to tell.

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