Open the gates!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re in shock, its okay. I understand completely. But I assure of you, this is really happening. Two updates in the same day. Not jus the themed update, but a real post as well. Please contain yourself, I can’t think over all this cheering. *nibbles on lean cuisine*

Although I was at work again for another 10 hours, after some lousy sleep to boot. I still find myself with enough energy to write up a proper update on happenings. I’ve been promising this update for a bit, so I hope its helpful to those wondering whats going on.

First and foremost, my work life is attempting to kill me. I kind of touched on this on my last post. My department at work has really ramped up on our monthly orders, so I’ve been short on both sleep, and mental faculties for use. This hasn’t stopped me from working on my mental and emotional health though. It has merely slowed the process, which I admit has me feeling down more than usual.

Thank goodness for caffeine. Unfortunately its been the one thing keeping me going. Drinking a half can of an energy drink mixed with water to dilute the intense sweetness. I drink the non-sugar ones, not the radioactive colored sugar water others enjoy. Such as these:

I’m not proud of it, but a guys got to do what a guys got to do. These just happen to keep me going on those hard days. No matter what I do, I just end up crashing before the end of the workday without some level of a pick-me-up.

Moving on, I’ve still been working on the literary works I’ve brought up in the past. The horror story I’ve been talking about is nearing completion on the planning end. I have just about the whole plot worked out, and only a few details hanging me up, so I’m gonna just get started on writing it. I figure when I get to those few parts that aren’t finished in my head yet, I should have worked them out. That’s the goal anyway. If I haven’t formally announced the title, I suppose now is a good time. Scream Tree. I’m hoping to have it completed come Halloween for all to read, I’m not sure the format I will use for release, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I figured about 8 months should be enough to get it completed, as long as I’m at least dedicated enough to write a couple pages a night, or even one a day. *more nibbles on lean cuisine*

Along with those, I have been going back to my first books written many moons ago. I’ve begun dissecting them back to their roots, and have decided to re-write them with all the things I’ve learned. The first book was written back in 2003 and has a whopping 500 pages. Along with that, its has small margins and smaller text to allow more text per page, so I have no idea how big it really is. That’s a lot of dedication for a then thirteen year old me. That book is important though, because it sets up the whole universe that follows with the other books I’ve written. It never really had a name, because I couldn’t decide back then. But I feel this book will actually become three in its own series. The book had a very defined past, present, and future setup, so they may just divide.

I won’t get into the gritty details of that book though, because right now I guess you could say its very much in its infancy, at least professionally. It may be more fleshed out than anything I’ve ever done, but it’s still very much unrefined. It’s going to take me a while to outline it all out. I’ll probably look like a madman attempting to bring plot elements together again and connect them into the expanded universe of it all.

You know, kind of like this. Explaining it would be a mess, even to someone who has followed along with my writing since the beginning. That’s okay though, because it’ll be nice to revisit that world and make it something I’m proud of again.

I also have done some poetry, if you can even call it that. Sometimes when I’m having an emotional day, I’ll write in simple lines, and it feels like poetry. I’m no expert on it, so I guess I’ll let others judge. The tone varies from happy, to emotionally down. Maybe a dream caused it, maybe it has no relevance, but I still want to include them in my portfolio so to speak. Maybe they will mean something to someone.

As a fun project I will also be trying my hand at a little comic strip. This ones possibly a one-off kind of thing I wanted to try. Similar to Cyanide and Happiness, it will be simpler in design, but revolve around happenings at my workplace. I’m mostly doing it because I think it’ll be hilarious, but I’m not going to make it a huge priority that it gets in the way of stuff I’m at least half good at. I like to test myself though, and any new medium is welcomed.

I used to love drawing, so hopefully I’ve not regressed so far in skill that I can’t manage some fancy stick figures. I’d love to animate it like they do on their YouTube page, but I’m so far from that ever being possible.

Lastly, I’ve been enjoying a handful of games lately. That’s really been helping me cope with my endless work cycles. Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex Legends, FrostPunk, and some random ones tossed in for seasoning. Its easy to let that part of my brain just keep going while I just kind of tune out the important stuff that is keeping me up at night.

Phew, I hope that helps you get an idea as to what’s going on. Feel free to leave a comment or message me through what ever means suits you, if you have a question. I’ll be trying my best not to leave people in the dark anymore.


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