March [Movies] 01

I’m gonna try and think of better titles during this month, because these ones are pretty boring. Because last month was so personal, I wanted to give myself a break and do something a little simpler. So I chose movies! I really enjoy movies, and have been a home critic as long as I can remember.

The first movie isn’t huge up there on my list, but I’m pretty sure it was the first one I ever saw in a movie theater. Pokémon the First Movie was a childhood favorite of many children I’m sure. As I’ve stated in both my Game, and Memory themed posts, I was a pretty big Pokémon fan.

I remembered seeing the trailer for it on TV

a remastered version of the original trailer

I knew I had to see it. It was freaking Pokémon. I begged my parents to let me go see it, and surprisingly, I got a yes. My dad came with me, someone who knew nothing about Pokémon, and was probably one of the oldest people in there. The theater was pretty packed, and I had my popcorn and drink at the ready.

I’m not gonna review the whole movie, but the plot was very simple. It was for kids, so it wasn’t like they could go overboard. Basically I watched a fight between people and Pokémon, then Pokémon and Pokémon. It was riveting, on the edge of my seat action.

But then the feels started to happen. You know what scene I’m talking about if you’ve seen the movie. Ash takes a psy-blast to the face from both sides of the battle. He turns to stone, Pikachu freaking tries to wake him up, Pikachu balls. EVERY CHILD IN THAT THEATER STARTED BALLING! I tried so hard not to cry but damn did I sob. My dad was probably glancing around wondering what the hell was going on.

Eventually the problem fixes its self, but my god. That was heavy. It was good though. I think theres too much emphasis now on not upsetting the children that dumb jokes have replaced plot substance. I remembered thinking it was a crazy movie, and got it on VHS as soon as it came out. Yes, you read that right. VHS. Damn I’m old.

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