Starting the new year with a new goal

First its worth mentioning that I am so tired of being surrounded by the negativity that comes with the day to day. People like to fester without even trying to get on their feet and raise to the occasion. I find this particularly frustrating on sites like Facebook where I see all the attention grabbing and false support in everyone’s posts or comments. Lets face it, how often do you find yourself scrolling through FB and mindlessly reading as few words as possible? A lot of times you’ll see a post that’s more than a few sentences long and don’t want to bother trying to read it. I admit even I don’t like those posts very often. Mostly because I find them to be part of those ranty ones that are generally unjustified but people go nuts for them.

In the crusade to better myself this year I wanted to open up for anyone who would like to read. In a setting like this, I find thought out posts are far more interesting. Everyone’s generally writing FB posts, Tweets, and whatever other social media posts somewhat mindlessly. My hope is by allowing people to read the types of feelings and thoughts I have in a medium that its a bit more developed and refined, that we can separate the drama a little. Course you can’t get rid of it all. I take time out of my day to write to help keep my head from exploding on a regular basis, this is pretty much therapy for me. This of course comes with some stipulations. Anyone can read my posts here right now. These posts will consist of some of the more mundane day to day, along with the occasional deep but relatively impersonal entries. I also will be updating a section on a theme per month, kind of a bonus entry if you can imagine. The theme for January I picked was “Games.” So I have chosen in no real order, 31 games that have good memories or stories associated with them. These posts will also be available for anyone who wishes to read them. Through these entries I feel people will be able to get a grasp of the type of person I am. Even if they don’t know me very well to start.

Even if I continue to write these and no one decides to read, I know I’m still doing things the way I’d like. But I’d be more than willing to read others comments or thoughts, lending an ear and a voice if I can help. I want to raise people while I do the same. I suppose that’s all that needs said right now. I hope that people will consider helping me make 2019 the year we tear down some of those personal barriers and thrive as individuals and community.

I will be continuing to develop this site as time progresses, and I’ll be adding features as I learn to utilize them best. Please be patient, and enjoy this journey with me.

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