January 01

This will be the first of the themed posts that I’ve written . However it may feel clunky at first as I grasp the new layouts provided by this site, bare with me.

So for the month of January I decided to do the theme of ‘Games.’ I primarily chose this because a friend of mine tagged me in one of those, “10 games of Christmas” style posts that circulate around facebook this time of year. Seeing as winter is upon us I decided I’d have time to think about the games I enjoy playing and ones that have influenced my tastes since I was young. So buckle up and get ready for 31 review like posts that may get ya to try something new. Please remember all games I mention are in no real order.

Super Mario All-Stars

Now since this was the first game on the list I decided to make it one of the first games I remember playing a lot of. I don’t think this was the first game I ever played though. I remember the fated day my sister and I opened up the carefully wrapped present that Christmas morning.

We were both super excited to get our hands into that box and play our new game system. I’m sure my sister was even more excited than I was. Seeing as looking back my memory of it is a bit hazy. Thankfully my dad loved to record Christmas mornings for me to look back at it. This game is still one I love to play to this day. Even if for all intensive purposes, I don’t think I’ve beat a single game on the cartridge. I think I have about 90% of each game done, but boy games were hard back then. They didn’t give you anything to hold your hand. I bet if you gave this to a kid now the rage would ensue quickly. As soon as they would have to restart because they run out of lives would probably send that poor SNES system hurtling through the air at high speed.

This game really got me into a mindset of, “I’m going to beat this game, no matter how hard it is.” Even if I kept failing, I keep coming back for more. I logged many hours after school playing these gems, and maybe one day I’ll actually crown myself the victor.

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