Names give us strength

You want to know one of the worst things about being a welder? Sometimes you just have endless time to sit there and think. This of course means you can sit there and think of the most trivial things until you want to smack your forehead into the table repeatedly. But if I did that I wouldn’t get paid, so I must refrain.

Have you ever thought about how much strength comes from a name? Both physically and emotionally. Yes, you’re given your name when you’re born, and sometimes its just a way to identify who you are. But hearing it, depending on the situation can trigger emotions, ways of thinking, and even physical manifestations of painful or happy memories. I personally have experienced such things. When you are young and your name is called by your parents, it can shake you. When someone you love says your name you are brought up. It may be the same name, but people give that name strength, and meaning.

Taking it further, what happens when someone gives you a new name. A nickname, a pet name, or perhaps they free you from a name you’ve disliked. I’m one of the unfortunate few to not really have many nicknames. But others may get the chance to go by something other than their own. You take that name to heart, and it can give you a sense of meaning. I think one of the first real names given to us is “Mom” or “Dad.” The first time you hear those words, the desperation to finally experience it. Because you’re not just what you were before, now you’ve been given a new name that you want to live up to.

I think there is also a lot of strength behind a self given name. A rebranding of yourself mentally. Let the weight of yourself lighten as you declare yourself as another. I’m not talking about, “Oh I don’t like my name, I like this one instead” kind of thing. But in your heart you give yourself a name. Maybe its trivial, or even a name that doesn’t make sense to others. But to you it carries strength to move forward. “I am Sugary-Sas-Pants” I suppose if you say it with your heart and truly feel empowered by it, then there is no reason to laugh. I know I have my own names that give me strength when I’m feeling low.

I hope that others have thought about the strength behind a name. Make it something you are proud of. Something that if chanted by the masses would give you the strength to challenge the laws of nature. A name that grants you peace, and a will to protect it.

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