January 02

The second of the Game update posts is going to stay in the SNES side of things. Again these are not really in any order, but I figure I’ll save the best ones for a later date. At least the ones that I am the most passionate about.

Yoshi’s Island was one of those games that I remembered playing a lot also. As much as I loved being Mario, being Yoshi was even more fun. I was never very good at this one, but I can say I actually beat it compared to the Mario games. I admit my sister was better though. She always had more of the coins or stars than I had. Which introduced a level of competition I enjoyed. Where we could play together on All-stars, we were able to go head to head in this game. Granted she is also 6 years older than I, so I think she had a bit of an advantage. This didn’t really bother me though, because to me a game was still a game, and I was indestructible. This game did require a little more thinking than I was used to, bouncing eggs or trying to find the fastest route to not being crushed by an enemy.

I enjoyed it a lot though. The graphics were somewhere between Mario and a storybook, which was different for me. And the controls seemed pretty solid back then. I haven’t fired this game up in some time, but I can still feel the muscle memory in places just thinking about it.

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