January 04

Zoids assault was actually one of the most frustrating games I had ever played. Why does it make this list then? Because the sheer amount of disappointment I faced really bummed me out. This was a title for the Xbox 360 that I thought was going to be absolutely amazing. Zoids was pretty popular back then. so It would stand to reason that the game was going to be packed with just as much action as in the anime series. That is exactly where I would be proven very wrong. I played the game for a while until I realized all the missions felt the same. The whole time I was waiting to unlock cool new Zoids, only to be disappointed when I realized there were no more! I can’t remember the exact number but you got about 5. All the customization I was hoping to have also was very lame. Very little could be changed, to the point it felt like there was no reason to bother.

So I didn’t. I traded in the game shortly after I realized it was confusing, and by todays standards, was barely mobile gaming worthy. You would think that would be the end of it though, right? Wrong again.

So many years later I saw the game at Gamestop for $10. I looked at it and was immediately brought back to my frustrations as I looked at the now aged copy in my hands. The game I never beat was back in front of me. I caved, and purchased the game, which could very well have been the same copy I traded in many years prior, and sought out for victory. Believe it or not, I did enjoy it more the second time. Probably because I had no notion that it was actually going to be what I wanted. But I beat it. I was left with a sense of accomplishment, but more so still frustrated with how bad it was. If they added more Zoids, and fleshed out the story, I would definitely love to see where this type of game could go.

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