Day of rest

Yesterday I didn’t post anything, primarily because after a week of work I tend to crash pretty hard. Plus not every entry needs to really be a deep philosophical kid of day. I am going to try and do some extra learning on the way I can better utilize this sites features. Such as different pages to keep it organized. Also if there are topics you would like me to try and write about feel free to contact me on whatever venue you are most comfortable with. For my Facebook friends you are welcome to message me.

I’ll be doing more with my EKCreates YouTube account this year so I’m trying to see how I can get full integration into this site with it. Hopefully people will enjoy the random videos I do in my free time. I’m really trying to make 2019 my year of expression. Too often I find I’m just going through the motions with life. Wake up, work, home life, sleep, repeat. Thats just not how life is meant to be. I want to add these posts, these videos, drawings, expressions of myself. I may not always update my blog every day, but I will work on one of these things, and take everyone on that journey with me. Hopefully inspiring someone to join in with me. Thats all I’ll be posting for now, a themed update will be out later. In the meantime I’m going to be working on customization of this site over the weekend. So I probably won’t have a lot of content minus the themed updates unless I get ahead of that.


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