Rome wasn’t built in a day

Man, I admit I haven’t worked on this nearly as much as I would have liked. No one to blame but myself. I’ve kind of been enjoying not doing anything this weekend. I did however make it so that the blog and theme posts have their own pages now. So I was pretty happy to do that. The front page will remain static but I’ll adjust its content depending on whats going on. For now I just have it set to my original post about negativity and wanting to change. I’ll try and get it more personalized as I get more content rolling out.

I find the beginning of the year hard to get your bearings right. Especially when so many people want to better themselves more. Its like that self discovery and self defining all gets caught up in a mess. I kind of feel like I’ve been flailing around aimlessly a bit. But Once I get some more of this organization down and some kind of schedule I should start to get my head on straight.

Actually, I kind of think I should blame my mom for my inability to function without making a list to follow sometimes. Not in a bad way exactly, but I find without a piece of paper as a to-do list I wander around. If I’m cleaning I tend to be fine, but when it comes to accomplishing things, if I don’t plan it out, I will forget things left and right. Sometimes, even the trivial things that may only take a moment can feel like a big deal.

Perhaps that’s the starts of a little depression, or feeling incapable, but once I accomplish that task I feel so much better. Then I ask myself why it took so long to do. We all have that thing we avoid doing just because we don’t want to, even if its as simple as running something to the mailbox.

I’m hoping that by next weekend I should have the basics of this site all figured out. I’ve been reading support pages and am slowly learning how to do certain things. If there’s a feature you would like implemented please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’m always willing to take feedback on things. I may darken the background and lighten the font so that it mimics a “dark mode” kind of feel. That way it is easier on peoples batteries, since I imagine most people will read on their phone.

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