I need a nap

Oh man. I am exhausted today. Teaching the pup to sleep in the bed is really straining on a good nights sleep. She hasn’t quite figured out yet that she can just curl in a ball and sleep. She’ll start sprawling out and get in the way of me attempting to sleep. I’m gonna need a nap before the day is done to try and recoup some of the loss.

So my birthday is coming up, and I’m not sure if I even want to do anything. Generally I haven’t been very big on doing things for my birthday in a few years, but I may do something kind of low key. I’ve honestly been feeling a bit anti-social as of late. Not to the point of canceling plans or anything. I just haven’t really been accepting peoples plans either. I’m not sure whats gotten into me.

Perhaps its my environment, I have been wanting to do more cleaning around the house. When I see messes sometimes it can bring me down. Not that my house is that messy honestly. I do like to feel like its organized though. Right now I’m kind of in a transitionary phase with the house. We finally got the chimney stack under the roof line, so I should be able to get to work on taking it down. I just kind of feel like my battery is running on low. Recovering from crisis after crisis.

Anyway, I’m guessing once I can get a little more organization to my days again, I’ll be feeling back to normal. Sorry this is pretty simple update on how things are going. I’ll be more on the ball tomorrow I am sure!


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