Don’t worry!

I didn’t want to go two days in a row without posting something. Yesterday I spent my time working out some behind the scene things with my upload/update schedule. I’m trying to treat this like a well oiled machine, so ironing the kinks out early is important. So that coupled with the urge to watch a scary movie took up a fair bit of my evening.

Today was my birthday so I of course spent it doing house-work and spending time with family and friends. So I did not spend much time thinking of any serious topics. Well, not in any major compacity anyway. Today I spent time working on an about me and goals kind of section stuff. They aren’t published yet but I’m finalizing what I want in them.

What I will say right now is that once all the sections are up, the goals, and my literature sections, that at least one of the pages (blog, goals, literature) will be updated daily. Where the themed updates will be every day. The exception will be Sundays, where only a themed update is likely to be seen.

I have a few things like poems, or poetic updates that I’ve had on my mind. The things that don’t necessarily translate into paragraph form as well as just lines to be read one by one. I’m not sure I know how to describe that exactly, but I hope you understand. I like to think of those where instead of thinking the post through, I let my emotions take the stage. Yeah, they’re not professional grade, or even that good I’m sure from a literature standpoint. However I feel they will do. I again created this site to let myself feel free from the prying eyes of the negative.

If you read these, I hope it’s because you want to. Hopefully you take something away from them. Maybe it’s a time killer on a lunch break, perhaps before bed or even if it just beats a magazine in a waiting room or bathroom. I’m not offended if you don’t agree with things I say. Although I’m very understanding, my morals and beliefs are not designed to please the masses. In fact, I’d say a good chunk of people wouldn’t understand me. Mainly because I am so logical, and people don’t like to use their heads so much.

Regardless, I appreciate every view. Especially in the beginning. Have a good rest of your weekend everyone.


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