January 12

Happy birthday to me! As such I’m going to pick one of my favorite games I’ve played for todays update. Dishonored and Dishonored Two were some of my all time favorite RPG games. One of the greatest parts of this game were the fact that you could go the whole game, without doing one bad thing. Or you could go through and paint the town red with the blood of those poor dialogue lacking soldiers. However in the second one they did add more lines. I thought this game really balanced out and made it a game I could play OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

I liked trying new ways through the cities, different skills and weapons. Could I make it through without hurting someone or being seen? I did on both, and it took a long time. But every time I reloaded a failed mission I learned something. I adapted constantly. That made the games truly fun. The story was also very driving, and the lore was not too overwhelming. Therefore I enjoyed reading the books and papers. The cities felt alive, and I liked that.

Dishonored Two gave a big breath of life to the worlds

The voice actors were pretty good, but I admit I didn’t like Corvo’s voice actor. Everything else was good though. I felt like my actions had weight. Even though for the most part your actions gave only a couple different endings. I guess it would be hard to come up with a system that truly changed depending on how you played. Figuring out how to accomplish these things would be hard. I loved the first game so much I even preordered the deluxe edition of the second game the night it was announced. Corvo’s attitude on what was going on felt very relatable, and it was a character that I didn’t really have trouble aligning with. So weather it was a hack-n-slash or a ghost run I enjoyed every minute of it.

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