Everyone’s inspiring

Today actually didn’t start out too bad for a Tuesday. Work wasn’t so bad, minus just seeming like its usual redundant self. I kept busy most of the day, which was a nice change of pace. Not that I don’t try to keep busy, but that there was enough work to do so. Its been a bit slow at work lately.

But it wasn’t work that kept my mind busy. Have you ever had rogue idea after idea come at you? That’s how today felt. As anyone who has been following along knows, I have been thinking of a small story I wanted to write in the horror genre for a couple weeks now. I just kept having to stop what I was doing at work, welding of course, and grab a pen to jot down things as they came to me. I pretty much filled a sheet of paper front and back of snippets of ideas that I thought would tie in well.

One of the biggest issues I had been having was how to end it. Over the course of the day, I came up with about 4 possible endings. All based around different concepts of where I want the stories fate to be. I have a very in your face, “the book is over” ending. One that leaves it open for a little interpretation. But the two I found most interesting, were the ones that may allow the story to continue. Not exactly a continuing of the story, but making the first one a very large setup for something that could anchored into at a later point.

Now, my one friend who I mentioned before about wanting to write his horror story on a super grand scale gave me some info on how he saw his worlds universe playing out. From this moment forth we will just refer to him as Mech. One of the endings I thought up kind of tied it into his world, with some overlap. So I guess you could call them the same universe. The other tied in a bit more, but while they would intersect they could quickly leave that universe. It’s hard to explain because I don’t want to give anything away from someone who is willing to read along. Nor do I want to spill anything on my friends story to be told.

I will say however that Mech decided to dial it back in terms of how much he tried to cram in. So of course he told me this after I asked him a question, and had already thought about tying into his universe. I didn’t really feel right possibly messing up some of his story ventures. So I haven’t decided yet whether or not to include it. I guess time will tell. He said he wants to focus on a main story first, which I think is super important, and I hope he can get it figured out.

During all this my other friend, lets call him Archibald, finally gave me more details about the thriller story he was working on. Of course I don’t want to spoil beans on someone else’s work, but oh man. It sounds fantastic. It really felt like a solid story that he came up with just from his real world interactions. I hope he continues to work on it. I gave him some tips to try and get it organized so he can write it out. I’ll be doing the same thing here soon now that I have had so much going on with my ideas. I need to get them all straight.

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