January [Games] 16

Now I’ll admit I was definitely late to the Mario Party series of games. This was mostly because my friend pool was pretty limited growing up. It wasn’t until the last several years was I able to have a regular social group that enjoyed the game.

Mario party has been around a very long time, and since starting to play with my friends on weekends, I can say that I’ve probably played them all now. Take a nice board game and add in mini games and you have yourself a recipe for friendship destruction. This game never ceases to create some rage and diabolical laughter. The quiet ones suddenly bare their fangs at the challengers who play the game. It got cutthroat very quickly.

Theres more mini games than I can even try and find good pictures to represent it. Along with a few Nintendo DS releases that were alright for killing time, I’d say Mario Party 8 was my favorite. However I did like 10 also. The newest one that came out I still haven’t played much of. I feel them taking away the motion controls really hurt the game. Besides that, I am always excited when I hear someone mention Mario Party.

I do believe its fun for just about anyone, regardless of age. For those of legal drinking age its also a pretty great time with a few drinks. Though the mini games get extremely confusing if you’ve had a bit too much. But that adds to the fun.

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