“Is your fridge running?”

Anyone who knows me personally knows I recently had a rather lengthy warranty battle when my fridge stopped working. It was probably the best case scenario out of a terrible situation. I have a Samsung refrigerator that uses dual evaporators to cool the fresh foods section and the freezer section independently. My freezer section suddenly stopped making ice, then before we knew it, it stopped freezing all together. Man it was a mess. Four weeks later and me leaving for an hour every Tuesday to meet repair techs I finally had it fixed. Not under warranty though, I gave up on that and just had them fix the clearly obvious refrigerant leak out of warranty. Thankfully the tech was really cool about it and gave me a good deal.

In that timeframe though I had plenty of time to learn about how the whole process of refrigeration works. I did a lot of homework and when it comes to dealing with repair techs you should always try and educate yourself as much as possible. I’m not gonna draw that story out but in the long run the only thing that kept me from having a $1800 paperweight was being proactive. Many of the techs said “Yeah that’s bad luck.” Easy for them to say, it wasn’t their money, the fridge was only two and a half years old. Now every time I walk passed my fridge and I hear it drop ice into the catch I get super happy because I know if it weren’t for my attitude on the situation I would have been screwed. It’s also worth mentioning that no matter how frustrated I got, I never yelled at anyone. Not the techs, not the people operating the phones at the warranty service (Which got me a praise from a young girl who apparently had been yelled at twice that day before I called), I never yelled at anyone, I just armed myself with knowledge. No one will help you if you’re making them mad. Be mad when they leave.

This fridge story was only kind of important, because my good friend Whisky had fridge failure this weekend. I believe I’ve mentioned I live in Pennsylvania, but if now, there ya go. We were supposed to be getting a large amount of snow here last Saturday. At least where I live, we didn’t end up getting close to what was forecasted, shame. I love snow. But his fridge straight died just before our forecasted blizzard. Here’s a little case of irony, the fridge that died, was the one that sat where my new fridge sits now. Yep, he had my old fridge. Granted, it was in the neighborhood of 16 years old, I think it did a great job keeping up in all that time. So in terms of lifespan, it took the cake.

So he calls me, and I go look at it, since I had all this knowledge from my ventures now. Couldn’t figure out what was wrong to be honest, but it wasn’t cooling, that was enough of a problem. His wife, Wine, had just gotten back from surgery (nothing life threatening) and needed ice-packs etc. So off to Lowes we went. I shared what info I could with what I looked for when I got a new fridge. It was nice to feel like my efforts in life were not wasted on one time use.

He picked one, and we loaded it up in his truck, at this point I’ve finished strapping it down and am ready to hop down. He has a Silverado, and its pretty high off the ground for a stock truck. I for whatever reason decided to hop off the side of the bed. The moment my feet left the bedside I just kind of shout, “I’m too old for this!” and I flail about. I half Ironman land, luckily a bit more graceful than I thought it may be. But it wasn’t pleasant. Now I just turned 29, and even though I say it to be funny, I’m not that old. But my body doesn’t always agree.

After a couple hours of maneuvering things around, the new fridge gets set up and we’re hanging out with his brother in law. He came over to help with unloading. I don’t really know what started it exactly, but before I knew it we were in a legit snowball fight. Perfect snow for it, all out war kind of thing. This didn’t last too long, maybe 10 minutes. However when we were done, I was sure huffin. Part of my plan along this journey is to lose weight and get to a good place physically. After both those events taking place, I must say it’s gone up on my priorities list. I planned on sharing the weight loss part of things also in my upcoming sections to the blog, but this seemed like a good way to start it out. Also, adding insult to injury, after the snowball fight, when I went to leave, turns out I dropped my keys in the 4 inches of snow. So that sucked.

I’ll be adding more sections to the menu by the weekend. Keep an eye out for them as they trickle in.


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