January [Games] 21

Maybe people will think I’m crazy, but I absolutely loved this game. I understand why some people were not fans of the game though. It can be a stretch to basically play out a movie. Being forced to play out scenes that may be slow or not your style can get aggravating. Despite all that though, I found the game very interesting from both a plot and technical perspective.

Of all the stories, Connor’s is by far my favorite. Mainly because of how much you get to interact with the environments and characters. He’s dressed pretty snazzy too. The capture character, Bryan Dechart really gives it his all during the performances, and I felt emotionally driven by the character.

I wasn’t the best at all the cutscene button hitting since I am used to an Xbox controller if anything, but I managed to play it all without any real issues. I tend to play games like this in a style that makes the least chaos, so my first playthrough was probably fairly standard. I will admit I also wasn’t a huge fan of Kara’s story. I will admit Markus was fun to play, but his missions were very drawn out and I found myself getting a bit bored with him.

From a technical standpoint the game looked great. The cutscenes and gameplay felt very smooth and at times I would forget I wasn’t watching a movie unfold before me. Fun fact for someone who may not already know, the woman who plays Traci (pictured) is actually Bryan’s wife in real life. However they got married after the game was produced.

All in all, I found this game to be really moving. I cared when someone died, and I kept striving to get different endings. Although this game boasts a lot of stuff to help it be with replay value, I do find it hard to play too many times in a sitting. Primarily because of those long sequences that you are forced to go though when you already did it a million times.

I’ll be keeping an eye on anything Bryan Dechart will be taking part in the future, that’s for sure.

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