January [Games] 23

Super Smash Brothers!

I have been playing SSBs for a really long time. All the way from the first N64 release. Back then I knew that this game was unique. Usually Nintendo didn’t want their games to feel violent. However with the release of this game, there was nothing other than that.

Even when the roster was small, it was a blast having friends over to play. There was yelling, there was friendship pounding carnage. I’m pretty sure I made someone cry once. I wasn’t good by any means, but I was pretty good at survival. Throw me in a ring with a pro player and I’ll show you the record for fastest loss. Having fun was always my goal though.

I used to play as Mario when the game first released. As new games came out, I switched to the link variants. I liked having the range. As my adult friend pool grew I had more and more people want to play. It was so much fun having smash nights. As soon as Lucario was released into the game though, I had my new main.

Mario’s quality with each game

The neat thing about games that last this long is seeing how they change graphically. This game really shined as it went on, adding lots of enhancements and move-sets to existing characters. With the release of SSBs Ultimate on the Switch they even had every character return for a giant roster of people to choose from. Minus Waluigi. So every match is so much different. This game is now loaded with so much content that its always going to be a game I can go back to with my friends.

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