January [Games] 24

This game should be further up on the list, but because its single player, I knocked it down some pegs. I have always played my games pretty much exclusively on Xbox and PC for the bulk of my life, minus the Nintendo systems that everyone had. With the exception of little big planet, which I played briefly, I never really had much interest in a Sony system since the days of PS1 and PS2.

However, when I saw this game announced at e3 whatever year, I needed it. I followed press releases, and kept an eye out for release dates. Until the fateful day I finally got my hands on it. I knew this game from a publisher I had never heard of was going to be a good one. The game did not disappoint me one bit. The story was fantastic, the world felt alive, and the enemies were cunning. I didn’t mind fetch quests, or escorting people around. I had fun sneaking or attacking. The crafting was simple, and could be done on the fly, which really saved me a lot.

The controls felt perfect, and that’s saying a lot from a guy who doesn’t like controllers. I couldn’t put it down. I felt bad swiping my fiancé’s PS4 from her and downloading all the stuff onto it just to play this game. She watched me play with genuine interest. She wanted to see the plot unfold, and see where I had to go next. Also, their inclusion of a photo mode for their beautiful world gave me desires to find the best places to snap a picture for my background. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I can snap a picture for my desktop. I’ll have to look into that.

I’ve mentioned in the past about liking being able to use a bow, and this one had so many different arrows. For once the arrow type mattered more than just how much damage it did. Your shots had to be pinpoint accurate to get the best results. Combat was plain fun.

When the expansion came out I jumped on it same day and went back to the world I had come to love. I did my best never to look anything up. I like my first playthroughs to be as novice as possible. I believe I got 100% on the game my first playthrough because finding all the artifacts and lore was actually interesting. It wanted to know what happened to the world, and as the story unfolded, I was more and more hooked.

I hope that I’ll see more from Gorilla Games in the future, you’ve gotten yourself a loyal fan.

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