January [Games] 28

Love it or hate it, you have to accept that Fortnite is making waves. Now I was very, very, reluctant to start playing this game. The videos I saw made it feel complicated for no reason. But finally one fateful day, my friend got me to finally cave and play. I mean, it was free, so I didn’t mind downloading it. I mainly just didn’t want to play it on the Xbox because I hadn’t used my Xbox in maybe a year at that point.

Eventually they got the cross-platform working though, and I started to give it more chances. I believe season 5 was my first season I got the pass, and genuinely gave it a go. I was pretty terrible. I couldn’t build, and the shooting was strange on this game. The learning curve was also very challenging because you only got one try per game, then boot up and try again. Since then though, they have added some respawning gamemodes, probably because it was harder for new players to adapt.


My fiancĂ© is by no means a shooter game player. She’ll play FFVIII until you pry it from her dead hands. But she actually didn’t mind watching me play Fortnite with my friend on occasion. Since there is no blood, and the game was so colorful, she actually found it kind of fun to watch. Eventually I even managed to get her to download it on her laptop. She gave it a try a few times, and eventually she even started using the computer I built her (years later…) because it played it better. She enjoyed playing it even though she wasn’t good, because the game still rewarded her for her efforts.

The biggest part of the success of Fortnite to me is the fact that I can play with all my friends regardless of the platform they play on. Heck, my co-workers kid even can play on his phone with us if he’s on. However I admit that it causes hiccups when he does. However three of my friends play on xbox, but at least one decided they really like it on PC, and that will be happening soon. The fact I can log into any device and still have my stuff and character progression is also very important to me. I owned Titanfall 2 on both PC and xbox but didn’t have any save data between the two, and that was really upsetting.

Even now, I’m not very good at the game, but I enjoy how the world is ever evolving. I’m not just talking about the big events either, but the little things. The world feels like while you’re not playing, the people living there are redecorating, or houses upgrade. It’s alive, and I like that a lot.

But the biggest reason I keep playing this game even if I’m not that great, is because it lets me go on adventures with my friends, win or lose.

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