January [Games] 29

Coming to the home stretch! Just a couple more games to show off!

Yes, yes one of my favorite games is Minecraft. I’m not ashamed. I have played the Java version for quite a long time. This game has continued to impress me with how diverse each world can be. I admit, while playing alone is still pretty fun, the ability to have a huge world to explore with friends is nice too. I didn’t do any mods really to the game, I thought the vanilla experience was where I had the most fun. I did however use the Chroma Hills texture pack to give it a more realistic vibe to it.

Before I knew it, lots of my friends had gotten the game and we were able to all play on weekends. We made massive worlds, and went on daring explorations of new locations. The game was just simple enough anyone can enjoy, but hard enough to make combat feel like fun. I do admit I wish it was harder, but I suppose maybe that can happen one day.

Sonic Ether Shaders

Plus, if you played the game with shaders on, it could make for a really realistic experience. As realistic as blocks get anyway. I still find myself itching to play this game some days, but the Java versions support has been a bit lack-luster since Microsoft bought the game.

Minecraft is just a unique experience, you really have to play it to fully understand the joy the game can bring. I feel like this post may seem short, but its merely because I have so many stories and memories of playing this with my friends that I can’t narrow it down to a few paragraphs!

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