February [Stories] 02

Seeing as how the weather has been quite cold, I figured I’d tell a chilly tale. That was terrible, but I’m not deleting it.

Growing up I lived in a newer development that had most of the houses perched up on large hills. So in the winter time, if we got a lot of snow, my neighbors dad would turn their front yard into an amazing sledding setup. Think of how bobsledding has the track almost like a tube, turn after turn.

He would shovel out embankments and we would hop in an innertube and go flying side to side. It was so much fun. Looking back, that was truly a labor of love. I don’t have kids yet, but I can say that when I’m home from work, I’m exhausted. He was able to do all that for his two daughters and honestly, he did it really well. Its a shame as kids we don’t always realize just how much our parents do for us.

I remember if you got too much speed on the first section of the turns that you had a chance of flying up and over it. Which secretly was the best part minus the potential wipeout. I can say my memories on it have hazed a bit, but I remember being excited if I saw him in the front yard with a big shovel.

Even without the snow required to build such a track, sledding on their yard was easier than ours. We had trees in the front, (I should really start looking for pictures to add to these) that hindered fast sledding. So to get the most out of the hill you had to get creative. Or go over to their house. But one of my best friends at the time lived next door so it was really nice.

Its a shame now that I’m older I don’t really have many places to sled. My yard is relatively flat, my back yard has some slope but its not nearly the same. The irony of that being that the small cluster of houses that make up “Sheep Hill” are actually at a really high point compared to everywhere else. The whole city could be flooded and we’d be fine. Still not a lot of good hills to sled on.

So I may never be able to do the same for my kids, I certainly will remember the fond times I had sledding with my friends.

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