February [Stories] 01

Here we are, the first entry in the next theme. Are you excited? I know I am. I have chosen to do a play on stories as my theme for this month. Fun stories that I either like to tell, or ones that people like to tell about me. It’s actually fairly simple but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway.

Since I have already kind of touched on this memory in a blog post, I’ll go ahead and start off with it. When I was young, I was growing up with the SNES. I remember the fateful day we (my sister and I) opened up the box containing the unit. I can’t say I remembered the games we started with, but I know that Mario was a big chunk of the games.

Now the thing about the SNES was that it still wasn’t really much of a multiplayer system back then. Some games had two player, but it was primarily just taking turns as your character while the other waited. Kind of boring, but I won’t say it was bad back then. I know for the longest time I kept asking my dad to play one of the games with me. Take note though that my dad would have been somewhere around 50 when little 6-7 year old me was wanting him to play.

So as a man who generally didn’t have any gaming experience I imagine this was a daunting task. I remember a lot of times him saying if it was more than two buttons he couldn’t play. I guess to me that seemed like a fair request. Eventually, I stumble into a game that was kind of overlooked by most of the SNES gamers. I honestly don’t know the name of it, and it seemed kind of challenging to find a picture, but I got one!

This game was pretty straight-forward, collect coins, don’t get hit by enemies, take stuff from the other guy. Looking back I know it wasn’t very hard, but boy I think I really went try-hard on my dad when he finally tried to play. I mean, for the most part he was the only other guy in my life. My sister didn’t really like to play much of that stuff with me. So it was him or bust. However, when he finally decided to play, I was really happy.

We didn’t play often, but when we did I always had fun. Not sure if I ever lost, and I don’t know if its because he was being nice or just couldn’t grasp it. Either way, I always looked forward to him being willing to pick up player two and us duke it out.

I still really enjoy playing board games with my parents, since the games are generally unchanged through the ages. So even if he can’t play simple games anymore (which is acceptable when you’re in your 70’s) I know we can still laugh to a board game. I always remember the first games we played together.

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