February [Stories] 15

Sorry again for the late replies, I’ll be posting an update on my life happenings that will clear up any confusion as to the hiccups lately. Keep tuned for that.

Todays story, is one that I’m kind of embarrassed of, but I think its a pretty good precautionary tale.

When I was younger, still living in Maryland, I saw a few houses being built in the neighborhood. Similarly to how I saw my own home be built. Well, one day, there was a house being built not far from my own. Somewhat off the main road, but not far. It was smaller, but the basement foundation was built, showing the footprint of the new home.

I was curious, and rode my bike to the scene. I walked along the house, looking at how it was going to be built up. The rear was not underground, but the front was. I noticed a small access point, small enough I thought I could get into the basement and look around, not that there was anything to see. I got down and wiggled in, it was a snug fit, but I made it. I looked around, but as mentioned, there was nothing to see. Just a dirty concrete floor, and walls of block.

It was starting to get dark, so I decided I should head home. That’s when the trouble started. I got down on all fours, and realized, because of the floor being 90 degrees, it wasn’t going to be as easy to get out. Not that it was easy to get in. I got super nervous, and started to panic. I looked for a ladder, or something that could help, but no luck. I went back to the hole, and felt myself start to freak out. “What if I get stuck?” I asked myself on repeat. No one was around, no one would find me. I didn’t even know if a construction crew was coming around soon.

Finally, I built up the courage to give it a try. I put my arms up and pushed them through, followed by my shoulders. It was hard, and I felt myself getting stuck indeed. With a big heave and exhale I squeezed through to my hips. I was now at the home stretch. I quickly pulled myself through and ran back to my bike. I was horrified, and I felt so stupid for even trying to go in.

Thinking back now, I feel like there should have been a doorway somewhere. but I never found one. I pedaled my bike as fast as I could home, which admittedly wasn’t too far. I thought about what I did, and repeatedly told myself I was lucky. The feeling of being stuck in the wall had me embarrassed and scared. I never told anyone about it, until today. Always be ready to deal with the consequences of your actions, even if you don’t seem them from the outside of the situation.

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