February [Stories] 14

Happy Valentines day everyone! Hopefully you all have a special someone you will be spending the evening with. If not, please don’t feel bad, Valentines day is a bit over-rated.

Because of the timeline of my birth, I was very fortunate to be able to know my great grandparents. My great-grandma on my dads side used to play games all the time with the family when we would visit. We played several games, but I always remember playing Sequence with her. I was pretty bad at holding the cards, and strategizing.

However, we would usually have pizza and play games together. Or I’d watch TV while the adults talked. She had a small little apartment style place. I’m not sure what it was honestly now that I think about it. But to this day I love Sequence, and it always makes me think of her. I never knew my great-grandfather on my dads side though. I admit I don’t even really know much about him.

I am probably a little too nervous to ask my dad about him. I know losing someone isn’t easy, and I don’t want to drag up bad memories I guess. Maybe I’ll try asking though, since I carry his last name after all.

My great-grandparents on my mom’s side were more involved with my life. They lived longer, and we were always seeing them for holidays and somewhat random visits once we moved into the state.

My great-grandfather had Parkinson’s, so he wasn’t really the same man everyone else was fortunate enough to know. But he would always tell me stories about “Walter” as precautionary tales. I enjoyed hearing them. I could always find him napping around the house, which was something I now enjoy when I can. He was a very smart man, driven, and talented in many things. I of course never saw as much of that, but he still had lots of tools, and handmade things around to remind you of what he had done. Pictures of his bicycle shop, and ledgers. I like to think that I have some of those traits, to be driven, and make it on my own.

My great-grandmother was a very kind and smart woman. I believe she was always a homemaker, but that was pretty much the time-period back then. She was very intelligent though, always doing puzzles, and doing investments. When I would visit for the night I was usually treated to a nice milkshake, and she made the best sunny side up eggs I’ve ever had to this date.

Unfortunately, as all do, they did pass away. I still drive past my great-grandparents house every day, as I’ve mentioned before, I only live about a 5 minute walk from it. So I always think about the time I spent there playing, and having fun. My parents still own the house, but it sits vacant. So I can go in when I want. Its been repainted, and updated slightly. But the memories are the same. Although at the time, those memories were kind of unimportant, they still make part of who you are.

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