February [Stories] 21

I never really had too many experiences that terrified me in life. Although I admit I was a bit of a wimp when it came to certain types of scary things.

This story is a bit shorter, but it is the only event like it that I’ve ever experienced, I hope you’ll forgive me. One time when I was fairly sick, I decided to tuck myself into bed with my heating blanket on. Now I usually left the blanket on level 1 or 2 out of 10. Primarily because I found anything above that unbearably hot.

This time however, since I was sick, I had it cranked to the highest setting, just to get it warmed up. Preheating if you will. Unfortunately, I must have fallen asleep shortly after setting it up. I don’t remember the time of night this happened, but I assume I couldn’t have been asleep too long. I woke up slowly, and I felt like I was on fire. Thankfully, I wasn’t. However I felt so warm that I must have dehydrated myself.

Between being sick and the blanket my mouth was so dry I could barely wet it with my tongue. My brain still in a fog, I told myself I had to get up and get water. Only problem was, I couldn’t move. I was experiencing sleep paralysis. Though at the time, I thought I was dying. The heat felt unbelievable at this point, but I couldn’t escape it. It was like hell. Internally I was screaming at myself to move, using all my willpower just to move my arm.

As I slowly regained some movement, I managed to wiggle my right leg off the side of the bed, which resulted in my body slowly slithering out of the bed completely. I hit the ground a little hard, but after what felt like an hour (but was probably just a couple minutes) I was able to basically move again. I was still very thirsty, and the room felt like ice now that my body had adjusted somewhat to the heat. I crawled to the door and hoisted myself up with the help of the door knob.

It was so strange, not being able to control my body. I went downstairs and got several glasses of water, chugging them down to satisfy my thirst. The chilled water could be felt cooling my body from the inside, a much desired feeling. After a half hour or so I felt pretty much fine. I got back up from the table, grabbed my cup and went upstairs again. I got settled back in bed again, this time with the blanket on 1.

While I laid there, I thought about the experience again. It was pretty scary. What if there had been an actual emergency? Not just overheating. It could have been pretty bad. That’s the only time in my life that it happened, and even to this day, many years later, when I wake up randomly I hope that I can move. It really sticks with you.

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