I feel like I should keep apologizing every time I do a real blog update. Mostly because I’m not keeping up my end of the deal, of giving an update every couple days on happenings in my life.

However, its not that I haven’t wanted to update. I’ve just been stretched so thin that I’ve had trouble finding the energy. As soon as I finally started getting into the swing of it, and also getting my other site sections ready for launch, my work life went nuts.

Customers for the company I work for added considerable amounts to their orders. Resulting in us immediately switching to 10 hour days. No big deal, I’ve worked probably 75% of my career at the company in 10 hour shifts. The issue, is that I’m generally there even longer than that. On top of it, my brain is absolutely worn out by the time I get home, that I start feeling disconnected from everything. I feel almost in a haze.

For those who don’t know, or if I haven’t mentioned it in a lot of detail, I’m a Welder. Tig welding is my specialty, and I do aluminum work all day. Unfortunately my abilities are far from challenged in my current workplace. I do primarily production speed welding, so I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like polishing things up. But when asked to do custom jobs, I lay some beautiful welds. I spend my whole day staring at a constant light. In a 10 hour shift, I probably spend 7 with an arc going, especially in times like this, when we are busy.

People don’t realize how draining that can be. Especially for someone such as myself, who always has to dial my brain back from 11 in order keep myself from burning out my brain by the end of the day. But even with my best efforts, I find my brain just flat out exhausted. I’ll set my phone down at my desk after writing a themed update, and just walk away. Forgetting communication with the outside world frequently.

Plus, since I’ve been waking up at 4:30am again, I’ve been getting pretty tired by the end of the day. I’m usually leaving work between 4:30-5pm. By 9pm I’m absolutely spent. Sprinkle in a little dinner, and some free time enjoying a game if I’m up to it. By the end of the day I ask myself where it went, and begging for relief on the weekend.

At the same time though, I don’t find myself well rested on the weekend. Everything I’ve put off both physically and mentally comes around and beats me in the face. Weeks fly by and I feel like problems last forever. Its been a struggle to say the least. But I will persevere, I’m not going to be beaten by life. I may just be a little out of it until I can allocate the mental resources.

Do not fret though, I will continue to keep at least my themed posts coming, even if they aren’t released consistently at noon anymore. It doesn’t seem like it has affected the viewership at all. So I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them. Once I get some more solid sleep, I’ll be ready to bring you all some good content. Just believe in me until then!


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