February [Stories] 22

Seeing as this is the last Friday this month, it felt appropriate to choose this memory for the day. Now I intend to do a theme on shows, movies, and stuff I loved growing up, so there will be a little overlap with this entry later on. Enjoy!

Anyone who knows me has probably heard me refer to my favorite show at least once. Stargate. Basically anything Stargate, regardless of the season or which series. I grew up religiously looking forward to every Friday in season because I was treated to a new episode.

My birth mother also enjoyed Stargate, so at some point we decided on Fridays I would go to her house for dinner, and we’d watch it. This included her boyfriend, and my younger half brothers. It was always a lot of fun, she is an amazing cook, and never fears a challenge. Eventually we took a step further, and made themed dinners.

The themes would be anything from bar food, to Italian. It was always a lot of fun, but always sat down in time to enjoy our favorite crew of sci-fi guys and gals go on an adventure. I found those days I would laugh harder, and have more fun than my standard day to day would allow.

We did these nights for quite some time, every couple weeks another person would ask if they could join in. Before we knew it, the living room was crammed full of people. My mothers house isn’t that big, so at times it felt like a game of tetris to keep everyone in the loop of what was going on.

It also took a considerable amount of time to prep, cook, and serve the food since it had gotten so big. Which of course was harder on my mother. So one fateful day, we basically stopped. It was getting too big, and the magic was being lost. I do miss it, both the Stargate, and the good times. I would love to start doing Friday dinners again, but now that I’m older, and I work full time, I am darn tired come Friday.

Sorry if you wanted more detail on this story, I want to save some stuff for when I refer to Stargate its self, so I didn’t include it in here.

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