Did you poison the dragon? Or just the liver?

The perk, or curse of growing up with older parents, is that a lot of what I grew up with is a hand-me-down of people up to 20 years older than me. A lot of that is what I got to watch growing up. You’ll notice at least a handful of the movies I talk about this month being from before I was born, maybe even before you.

When I was younger I had a small collection of VHS tapes that contained some of my favorite movies. One of which was about magic, and strong family values. Bedknobs and Broomsticks was one of the movies I found playing pretty much on repeat. I enjoyed the songs, as many movies back then had, and the cartoons being interwoven. The worlds they were able to visit just by giving that bedknob a quarter turn to the left.

Like many of the shows I watched at a such a young age, I didn’t really understand everything going on. About the plot in the background. People going to war, etc. But I guess as a child I wasn’t looking to see that kind of story. Although now that I’m older, I find the kids remarkably annoying. Which I find rings true with most older movies involving children.

My parents probably would have loved to have hidden the movie from me after the 100th playthrough. I dreamed of being able to go on adventures like they do in the movie. Visiting worlds and lands where things don’t make sense. Fortunately I didn’t think about the logistical end of how to breathe underwater.

Unfortunately, with some of these far older movies, there isn’t a lot for me to explain, to do so would take more time than just recommending you give it a watch. By the time I finish explaining the plot you’d probably be scratching your head. Its a very motivating story though, about growing up, and believing in yourself.

Throw in a little humor for good measure though. I imagine re-watching it as an adult would help me understand a few things I may have missed before.

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