Do you understand the words comin’ outa my mouth? [TP]

I think I’ve got the titling down for now. Quotes along with TP for themed post, sounds like a win for keeping me organized enough.

I was always a fan of Jackie Chan growing up. I watched everything he was in, as long as I could get my hands on it. He was basically the most kick-ass guy I knew in movies. Jet Lee being up there too, but Jackie did a lot of funny works too. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t remember the pretenses of me even seeing this movie though. It was a little different from what I would normally see.

Rush Hour

When I first saw the movie I was hooked. Also, now that I’m thinking of it, holy cow do the actors look young. The first one came out in 1998, so I guess that makes me feel super old. Obviously Rush Hour was followed up with 2 (currently) sequels to the crime fighting duo. The whole plot revolves around two men learning to work together in a pinch, to catch a killer, and rescue a young girl. At least that is the first one.

Chris Tucker brings a lot of comedy to the scene, as Jackie Chan of course brings a can of whoop-ass to the party. To my knowledge, Jackie was still doing all his own stunts in these movies, which I find spectacular. Maybe there were a couple he couldn’t do, or wasn’t allowed to do, but knowing that adds extra thrill.

I also feel this trio of movies were really the last times we see Jackie in a big action roll. He started to dial it back due to his age, understandably. Tucker brought a lot to the team with his wit, and like Kevin Hart, I think his voice alone just makes him funny. I mean that in a good way of course.

These movies always keep me interested, I can either sit down and watch them on a relaxing evening. Or I can have them playing on monitor two while working on something that requires some attention. Either way I enjoy them. They did do a spin-off of the movies as a TV show for a season or two. Personally I thought it was really good, but ratings matter more than viewership.

I hope others have enjoyed the quick witted humor and ass kicking choreography as I have.

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