Perhaps I could be of some assistance.

I remember the day well, I was already home from school, watching TV. My dad walks in after getting off work. He hands me a VHS, and I pop it into the VCR. That felt like a very old phrase to say. I waited to see what he brought me.

Space Jam. *Cue the various space jam songs*

It was a great time. It was freaking MICHAEL JORDAN! I didn’t even really follow basketball but I knew exactly who he was. As for the loony toons, who didn’t know who they were? I was practically bouncing up and down with excitement.

I enjoyed it the first time though, but then I immediately rewound it and went for round two. It really was a good movie for kids my age, plus who once they get Michaels secret stuff, the humor is great. Cartoon shenanigans, and epic basketball. I imagine it was fairly hard to film looking back at it.

I know they confirmed that there would be second one staring Lebron James, and I’m just not sure I’m sold on it. Everything is so competitive now, that I feel so many people wouldn’t like it for the soul purpose of who is staring in it. Where as I feel Michael Jordan came from a time where everyone had a little more appreciation for all players.

I could be wrong, I’m not really a sports guy, but I watch crazy people watch sports.

I think a big part of what I enjoyed about this movie was of course the soundtrack. Even in the midst of other music, its hard to not get pumped when you hear the start to any Space Jam song. It’s pretty iconic. Sometimes when I’m working out or running, I’ll throw that on, knowing it’ll get me ready to go full throttle.

My apologies if this themed post feels to be lacking a little soul, I’m incredibly tired, but I refuse to miss an update!

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