I want to play a game. [TP]

I’m not really a gory movie kind of guy. But realistically the first one wasn’t really that gross, compared to the stuff to come. Saw was a movie that changed the title of “killer.”

The first movie was made on such a small budget, for it to return such success is a testament to the premise. A man who gives you a choice to live or die. Basic human instinct kicks in, and the fight between the human conciseness and human instinct begins. Although the methodology is rather cruel, the rebirth of the victim is basically guaranteed.

I guess you could say that I felt a strong connection with the overall theme, more than the movie its self. Humans by nature tend to be rather self centered, and have an entitled attitude. Consequences are only judged by how likely you are to get caught. Jigsaw as a character is fascinating. He merely makes the game and rules. Now in cinema I’m sure it looks cooler to have everyone die in the tests, but it would have been interesting to see more people survive.

He had to think many steps ahead of what a person may try to do, in order to bullet-proof the system. Or ways to keep the game moving regardless of if he is around. So although the gore may frighten a lot of people away, I do think the concept is important.

The newer Jigsaw movie kind of dispersed a lot of the gore, and added a plot. Kind of disregarding the past movies in the process a little. That’s alright though, because this movie doesn’t need a full chronological order to be good. I don’t know if they plan to release another movie, but I’d be interested to see how the new direction plays out.

I also found the music both diabolical and catchy. This of course is the point, but if you just listen to it without context I find it incredibly motivating. Sometimes when I’m at work and thinking about stuff related to my own writing I’ll kick it on and feel like a mastermind working to complete a task.

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