Booya! [TP]

Probably one of my favorite movies to watch is also one of the most underrated.

I loved the Emperor’s New Groove. I thought it was excellent. David Spade’s voice is perfect for Kuzco. The humor was enjoyable for just about anyone. Even as an adult I find that it’s just as funny as I remember.

I think it gets a lot of crap because the animation is different than others of the time period. It was far more cartoon like, if that makes sense. I found it pleasing though. The idea of a man turning into a llama is especially funny. Ignoring the whole issue of there being no way a llama could speak, the rest of it is pretty funny.

Pacha was especially well written to balance out Kuzco. The two made a very hilarious duo getting into all kinds of funny situations. Although there were “Life and death” moments, I never stopped smiling. There was a ton of development between the two characters that I enjoyed also. Kuzco obviously learned about friendship and how to be a better person, but Pacha also kind of learned to care about himself from time to time.

Kronk probably made this movie extra special for me. His character was just plain hilarious, even if it pokes fun at him being rather stupid. Again, another great character. I even found Pacha’s wife to be a pretty great character. Strong, and capable. She was no damsel in distress.

All in all, I find this movie still worth enjoying. Especially if as an adult you can have a couple adult beverages. Then the movie makes you feel like a kid again. As a final bit of info, I love when movies break the 4th wall. Whether it’s very direct, or subtle, I just think it really adds a lot to the moment. So the fact this movie does on several occasions, just makes me love it even more.

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