So much for the weekend

I’m telling ya, I have lousy luck. I really had every intention of getting more done with the site this weekend. I had a plan, I had a strategy to accomplish said plan. Life had other plans for me though.

Saturday I started to feel pretty lousy, and I basically was tired since leaving work on Friday. Apparently my body was warning me. Come Sunday I had a major head-cold. I couldn’t breathe well, and I was not able to sleep well, at least for long periods. I had to take meds, which I’m not a big fan of.

Before I knew it, I was staring at the television praying for a swift death. I don’t do well when I’m sick. Like many men I turn into a large baby. As I sink deeper and deeper into illness I phrases such as, “I want you to know this incase I die.” or “This may be my it for me *sniffle*” I’m just a wimp because I hate being sick, and I never really get sick.

Monday I called off work because the sinus pressure had me incapable of thought. I could barely think at all during the entire weekend. So working on anything creative basically went out the window. I had to wait it out though, since not much helped other than managing to fall asleep.

Work likes to freak out every time I unexpectedly call off. I think they forget how much I actually do, even if I’m only operating at 60%. Today when I went back, I gave it a genuine 80% since I wanted to try and get some stuff caught up. No guarantees though. I basically have a stamina meter and when it runs out, I’m OUT.

Bonus fact, Michelle just got home from work and had a present for me! A Fortnite hoodie! I have a spiritual connection with the llama piƱata. I will abandon my whole squad to open it if I see one. I can’t help it, I just like them. So that made my day a bit better. She said she had got me something, so I’d been waiting for its arrival.

In other news, I have jumped back on the wagon of fitness, I fell off pretty hard this winter, and I let myself down pretty hard. I’m not gonna get into a lot of details in this post specifically, but I am back on board. I do well with dieting, but I admit most success I’ve had dieting and getting into fitness came before I was with Michelle. I’m a simple man when it comes to food, I can prep and eat the same 3 things when dieting without much hassle, but she really isn’t a fan of that. So it does make it harder. I guess I can just let her starve while I make my same 3 meals.

Back to the site, I’m gonna try and get InvenStories and the other descriptions on the pages figured out. Maybe make some appropriate thumbnails at some point. I still have my more professional works going on such as Scream Tree and those outlines of my other works. I just haven’t had the time to really consolidate all my scratch papers around the place into one mess.

Anyway, I don’t want this to go on much longer, but I didn’t want to go without another update. Look for more info soon, once this head cold finishes its course I’ll be back at it, until then, staring at a screen still makes my eyes water, and thus nose run, then throat unhappy. Vicious cycle.


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