Developmental Hell

It’s a good thing I don’t have tons of viewers a day right now. They would probably be very confused by how the site keeps jumping around. I think I’ve settled on going back to my default theme and coding in the stuff I want. Right now the home page may be a bit messy, and somewhat full of place-holders. I am slowly adding the new content.

You’ll notice RCP Bedtime Stories, Wonderboy Tales and InvenStories now in the home screen. These are more for fun than anything serious, but you’re welcome to check them out obviously. I’ll put proper descriptions in their appropriate pages as soon as I get some more stuff typed out.

I used to code all the time, but not using that part of my brain for the better part of 10 years has me feeling so sketchy on the details. Plus this site is a bit different. I tried booting up Dreamweaver to do a site from scratch and immediately felt overwhelmed, so back to this I go. It’ll take me a bit to unlock all that coding knowledge as I go. However due to the limitations set by wordpress I will be moving to different hosting in the near future. Probably in a couple paychecks, to pay for the new hosting.

Basically until its up in the top menu bars, it probably isn’t finished being setup. But you can watch it jump around if it tickles your fancy. I’m really trying to challenge myself creatively, and this is the first step.

Also, just wanted to add something about some of my blog posts. Right now I have no separation between regular blog posts. Such as this one, that has basic info on my day to day, and this site, and the more– personal ones. Ones that I just felt a need to write, more than any real reason.

My one friend popped his head into my work area after reading my last post, and remarked, “Am I gonna have to put you on suicide watch?” I cannot stress enough that I’m not suicidal. I guess it comes down to when I’m “Feeling” and want to get it out, it may feel emotional, maybe even darker toned. But that tends to be a default in me. They may read struggle-like, because to me, feeling is still a bit of a struggle in its self. I’m going to eventually make a “personal blog”, and a “professional blog” area.

Hopefully that will help with keeping people from feeling so confused with it. I guess technically they’re my more creative writings, so I’ll have to figure out a way to categorize that. I like to be organized, but I don’t want it to feel overwhelming to someone.

Anyway, I don’t want this to drag on, I just wanted to update any regulars that things are a bit jumbled, but hopefully I will get it fairly sorted out by the weekend. But no promises, mostly because of St.Paddys day weekend.

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