Really need to focus

Ya know, yesterday I spent some time writing out a pretty good post. I was on a decent roll. Then bam, everything needed my attention. Before I knew it, my entire train of thought had derailed. I didn’t want to just post an unfinished thought or try and force words out of myself for no reason other than to feel I completed what I was trying to say in the first place. So its been saved to the drafts that I will go back and finish when I feel like I’m back on that mindset.

Moving on. Over the last few days I have been pretty irritated with the attitude of others in my life. Not that my attitude is perfect, but some people just seem to be shining bright in their irritating ways. I don’t want to get into any specific examples, but I’ll try and explain it as best I can. You know when you meet someone, and they put on this show for you. I know some people that just… aren’t who they appear to be.

Some of them its obvious, but others I genuinely think they believe their own false person. I’m a very analytical person, its a blessing and a curse. Something I’ve always been very good at though is people watching. I called things in Highschool, I knew people pretty well. If they were fake, or genuine. I could tend to sort through the BS and see people under the surface, for better or worse. Being a thinker granted me the ability to in some cases even see the reasoning behind why they do things. No, I’m not a super hero, not cop material, or special in this trait. Many people can achieve it if they keep themselves in check in the process.

It also helps with the domino effect, which is when you know people well enough to cause chain reactions between people. Yeah, this is something that can be used for bad intentions, and I don’t intend to lie, I used it for that too. So believe me when I say I do not fall for things very easily. Its also why trust is so important to me. Anyway, I see people frequently just trying to fit into things they aren’t, and I don’t know how that doesn’t bother them. We all put on acts at times, its not all for bad intentions. But some people try so hard to be something they aren’t its almost painful.

We all know people like that. You see them, posting their stuff on social media. Hashtagging things that you ball BS. Its all just them trying to fit some predetermined role in their mind. Its really hard to write this without using real world examples, but I don’t want to write about specific people. I’m just trying to vent that out a bit, hopefully you understand what I mean.

Changing topics like a flash, I think I figured out the basics of that one-off horror short story I want to write. I thought about things that freak me out, even resulting in a very terrible nights sleep. Trying to settle on character types and a decent plot device to accompany the overall idea. Length hasn’t been determined yet but I will probably play that by ear. If I’m enjoying writing it, I’ll add to it. I don’t want the plot to be too deep, but I want it to feel like it could actually happen to anyone.

A friend of mine today asked me if I could help him plan out a blog of his own. Sports related, completely different from my areas of expertise. I’d be happy to help him get the basics going. He’s pretty knowledgeable on the topic and I think he could have something many people would enjoy reading in their leisure. I’m not much help in the content department but I can keep him organized.

On a final note, speaking of organized, I will be adding a couple more tabs to the menu above for things like literature, about me, and art stuff. Hopes is that I can flesh out this site more. Maybe get people to understand who I am and if I’m the type of person you want to get your content from. This ended up being a little longer than I wanted. Hopefully that didn’t drive anyone away. I promise to focus up more.


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