January 10

This next game was one of those ones that you just don’t forget. I can’t say it was neccesarily my favorite, but I did enjoy it a lot as I played. Eternal Sonata (I played on the xbox 360) was one of those games I got on a whim. The first time I played it I thought it was kind of strange. I had never played an RPG that was quite like it. The thing that really hooked me though was the music.

The game was a bit clunky at first. Forcing different tutorial-like battles on you, and lots of enemies. Some places were just long areas designed to make the game take longer. That kind of thinking really rubs me the wrong way. I don’t mind tight make stories where stuff is always going on, but don’t make me run around like a chicken with my head cut off for no reason.

I would love to detail the plot of this game for people who may be interested, but I honestly got confused several times by the game. It had me scratching my head wondering what was going on at some points. Weird decisions were made also along the plot. However the combat still felt very neat, and wasn’t too button mashy. I don’t like games where the goal is to just hit buttons and get combos by luck, ending in victory. I know Namco started adding a lot of mashing to their Tales series of games. Positioning and attack setup is key in this game, even item use makes sense and wasn’t too hard to manage. The voice acting was well done, and the cutscenes felt like they were worth watching, even if they did move a bit slow.

Eternal Sonata OST

I have added the soundtrack here for anyone who would like to hear it all in one video. Downside being you can’t see the titles of each song. But I’m sure someone has designed a playlist of all the songs. I find this soundtrack nice to read to. Hopefully you will find some joy in the music as I did.

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