January [Games] 17

Now this next game and I have a bit of a love hate relationship. Mainly because I found the actual campaign and online modes extremely irritating. The one, the only. Call of Duty. Now for what its worth, I’ve only ever played 2 of them. Black Ops and Black Ops 3. Why did I play these two games if I wasn’t a fan? Simple. Zombies! Man, whoever made those modes were geniuses. I could waste entire evenings just hanging out with friends playing Black Ops Zombies.

Now I have most of my fond memories in BO1. Generally I played with a group of 4 people which made the levels flat out insane once you got into the 20s. We weren’t particularly good at it, but we certainly had fun. Thats what’s most important to me. Even if I die, I want to have fun. Yes, many people ruin it for the rest of us when they put out in depth a way to exploit levels and such. But I rarely looked things up for games, especially the first time playing something. This mode was just hard enough to make you think, but easy enough to play with people who may not understand much. of course I favored Kino Der Toten. I liked the other maps but sometimes they got too complicated. Which I wasn’t a fan of.

Nothing like a teddy bear to ruin your day

As for BO3. I didn’t play it much, but when they announced the zombies modes it felt closer to what I liked about the games. So I caved. I bought it and my friend Whisky and I played it quite a bit. Again, we weren’t very good at it, but we laughed. Sometimes screamed. But always had fun. Then the best part was when they announced the Zombies Chronicles trailer. It brought back all the important moments from the storyline. The trailer gave me goosebumps and I couldn’t wait. I’ll link it for you.

The feels

All in all, I still am not a fan of COD or any of their very copy and paste style developments. But I’m always down for some Zombies. Black Ops 3 got major credit from me because it actually still allowed split screen gameplay. Which will always be one of my favorite ways to have fun with friends. Shame more games aren’t taking advantage of it.

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