One day at a time

So Probably for the next couple weeks while I’m compiling and organizing ideas for posts I may only update the blog section every other day. Themed posts will still be out every lunchtime for all to sink their teeth into still though. Those are far easier to write most times.

But right now since my viewership levels are still pretty small I’m not as concerned about it versus if I had a very steady audience. I figured most of January was going to be getting it all organized anyway. I will say to the few who have been taking the time to read on a regular basis I appreciate it a lot! Hopefully I won’t disappoint.

I finished typing up a “Who I am” kind of section, and am currently working on my “goals” area. Beyond that I’ve just been working on my literature ideas and trying to decide how I want to release updates for my works. I imagine once I get some more of those sections up people may have a better idea of what I want to accomplish and if they want to stick around.

I’m sorry if this update was a bit lacking but the other issue I have some days is how stressful my work day was. I haven’t picked exactly what time I want update this. I tend to want to jump into it once I get home, (4pm EST) but sometimes I’m just get home and stare at my couch like it’s the love of my life. I hate to update late at night because my mind usually glazes over by then and I just want to mindlessly Netflix my life away.

However, for now, I must clean my kitchen and cut up some healthy fruit for work lunches.


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