January [Games] 18

Growing up my taste in games was pretty standard. I went through my Nintendo games like crack. Then when I got older I went the shooter route. But in the midst of that I found myself playing a game my friend Mech recommended to me. Fable.

Fable was probably my first real fleshed out RPG. My actions had consequence, and the idea of being good or either actually mattered. Before I was merely playing a role of a character, but now I was the character. It was so much fun the first time I tried it. Honestly the games old enough now that I can’t say I even remember how it ended. The addition of the “Lost chapters” gameplay also made for a great time for more stories and quests.

Now I know by todays standards the game looks pretty… basic. And the graphics aren’t great. But back then, these were extremely impressive. They did eventually come back and remaster the first game but I heard it did pretty bad. I don’t think it included the Lost Chapters, nor did it get its polish to avoid bugs. So I never really found myself interested.

There was a sequel though, Fable II was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it to a degree. It didn’t have the same mystical feel to it as the first one. I suppose that’s to be expected though, as we age we view things more mature. It was fun in its own ways, but combat was very button mashy, which is just something I don’t enjoy.

Final note, there was a Fable III but hell if I can remember anything about it. I’m not even sure if I played it. I think I was so disappointed in the second one overall that I didn’t bother.

Also Fortunes Tower from the game is like crack, if this was real gambling I’d be screwed.

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