January [Games] 19

This next game is another one that I was a bit late to the party on. No pun intended this time.

Mario Kart and I didn’t really happen until the last 10 years or so. Which may not seem like a lot, but apparently with how old the game is, I beg to differ. I believe the first one I really played was for the Wii. I had lots of fun with the competitive side, and as I’ve said in the past, if it has split screen, I’m interested. Like Mario Party I liked the variety that I could get in every race. Sometimes I’d play really aggressive, others I would just see how fast I could blaze around the map.

I tried different characters but I admit I always came back to the cart. Many of my friends liked the bikes but for me they were too grippy, even if they were fast. In fact, when my fiancĂ© and I first started dating we purchased a pair of Nintendo DS’ together and got Mario Kart for them. So at night we could call each other and play races. It was a lot of fun, and helped with giving us something to do together.

One of my favorite tracks

I for one think it would be great if they could incorporate every Mario Kart course into a remastered game. The mechanics are pretty solid now. I would even accept a game that instead of buying new versions, just buy add-on packs. Maybe patch the game time to time with new items and special stages, something like that.

On a final note, even though I was late to Mario Kart I won’t say that I never had a brush with racing games at a young age. I did have one that I still love to play on occasion even now.

Yes, you see that correctly. I first started playing Diddy-Kong Racing. I will even argue that I still think had it kept going, would have been the victor in which was best. I mean, come on. You could race in a cart, hovercraft, or even a plane. They even made it so every course was playable with each in its own unique way. I think the game was ahead of its time, and it paid for it. It’s a shame it won’t ever return.

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