January [Games] 20

For my last 11 games, I am going to be picking from my absolute favorites, some old, some new. These posts will probably be a bit longer than your standard fare, since I have such fond memories. I still will be posting them in no real order, but of course the last few will probably be my top picks.

I didn’t actually play this game when it first came out. Mainly because I still didn’t play a lot of RPG titles. Also, the easiest way for me to play at the time would have been on my Xbox, and I never felt controllers to be the right fit for them. All the directional wheels and trying to cram too much on a single controller really made it challenging for me.

Anyway, I did eventually get around to playing it, and I was not disappointed. I got the Steam version and it was already remastered a little. I played so many hours. 114 Hours to be exact. Now I admit I have a tendency to walk away from my computer so I’d say a good 24 hours of that is probably me just leaving my computer overnight or in a hurry. Especially on a game like that.

I really liked the stories, and connecting with characters. There were a lot of weapons and armor to choose from. I always play as anything that can shoot a bow or dual wield daggers so I liked the ability to do both. The combat was pretty fun, I liked that I didn’t have to mash buttons like some games. But there was a strategy to using your skills and when. I’m pretty sure I never did everything the game had to offer. However starting a new game feels like a daunting task.

Now here’s the funny part, I actually played Dragons Age II before the first one. I’ll be the first to admit, upon its release, DAII was definitely not a finished game. By comparison of the first and second game, the first one was massive in scale, where the second reused many locations and dungeons. Very lame. But that aside, the reason I got the second one first was because of a video I watched about its combat. I will still fight anyone who thinks the DAII combat isn’t nearly perfect.

Every time you clicked a special attack the move felt like it had actual weight when it hit. The voicing was well done for fights, although a bit limited in dialogue. There was so much strategy to every battle. The ability to customize your party’s habits was also far better than the first one. Switching between them felt flawless, and I still play this game when I’m in the mood for a good challenge.

I bet you may be wondering my thoughts on Inquisition? Very simple, it’s total garbage. I never played passed the first couple hours. Not only was it riddled with bugs like no other, but THEY CHANGED THE COMBAT. Not just a little change, but they completely overhauled it to some nightmare that made the game feel like it was so far from the first two. I couldn’t get though the battles very easily, because I was too frustrated by how different it felt. I’m extra nervous about the unnamed DA project they are currently working on. I’d wager that its just the same level of bad in the end. Its a shame too, because it looked really nice.

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